Spine Sounds is a Tokyo-based music supervision and sync licensing agency which got its start in 2014. We specialize in curating and licensing music for advertisements, feature films, TV series, video games, and events, and also provide business affairs services for brands and media companies.

Music Supervision

Our goal is to find and procure music that resonates perfectly with the creative vision of the project. We work with the production to identify music needs, devise cost estimates, propose musical ideas, negotiate fees, and administer license agreements.

Sync Licensing

We provide a one-stop solution for licensing music in all media and content platforms. Our extensive Japanese music collection covers all genres and eras and is available for licensing worldwide in film, TV shows, video games, advertisements, and other digital content. Our catalogue of international repertoire is comprised of high-quality, authentic music gathered from all across the globe, and is intended for licensing in audiovisual projects produced in Asia.

Music Production

From large-scale productions to intricate sound design, our team of seasoned, bilingual professionals have a proven track record of composing, producing, and arranging bespoke music that works seamlessly to picture.

Business Affairs

We support brands, advertising agencies, broadcasters, and media companies with rights clearances, licensing, translations, legal coordination, and production management services.

From retro cinema breaks to fidgety anime-inspired dance music, our licensing repertoire is comprised of music in various styles and vintages. The below is a selection of music that is available for licensing via our services.

  • Maltine Records

  • Jazzy Sport

  • Wata Igarashi

  • Banzai Solution